Friday 16 November 2018
  • Bollytunes
    CAT: 15h00 | WAT: 14h00 | EAT: 16h00

    CAT: 15h00 | WAT: 14h00 | EAT: 16h00

    BollyTunes is a new music show on Zee World that will showcase the latest and the hottest Indian pop music. BollyTunes will dish out song and dance from your favourite movies starting this July.  Experience the fun of Bollywood through the biggest music videos from various genres. We pick the best Bollywood songs seen on screen to satisfy your soul.

    It’s spectacular, it’s dazzling, It’s BollyTunes.                                                                       

  • Iron Lady
    CAT: 18h00 | WAT: 17h00 | EAT: 19h00

    Iron Lady
    CAT: 18h00 | WAT: 17h00 | EAT: 19h00

    Iron Lady follows the story of a young woman Indira Sharma, who lives in Old Delhi's famous Chandni Chowk area with her family. As a young single and working woman, she faces several challenges within her family as she has to single-handedly provide for her family. Her family and community cannot seem to take her no nonsense attitude and hence the name “Iron Lady”. It also dramatizes a love story between Indra and Rishi in a real simultaneous way. Indira is having a hard time keeping up with the expenses of her family. In order to make extra money, Indira approves a new tenant to stay in the house, what will happen when she meets this person?

  • This is Fate
    CAT: 19h00 | WAT: 18h00 | EAT: 20h00

    This is Fate
    CAT: 19h00 | WAT: 18h00 | EAT: 20h00

    The story centred around two sisters who have been reunited with their long-lost mother, Sarla Arora. The older sister, Preeta is a patient, kind and cultural girl, while the younger sister Shriti, is carefree and flamboyant. In their journey to develop a relationship with their mother, the sisters meet the Luthra family. Preeta tries to make a living by working at the Luthra house as a physiotherapist. While there, she develops a friendship with one of the Luthra brothers, Rishab, a successful business man. Rishab’s brother, Karan, hates Preeta and does everything in his power to get rid of her. The two brothers have different encounters with Preeta, but destiny leads them to a love triangle. The brothers both develop a strong desire to spend their lives with Preeta but who will she choose?

  • Twist of Fate 2
    CAT: 20h00 | WAT: 19h00 | EAT: 21h00

    Twist of Fate 2
    CAT: 20h00 | WAT: 19h00 | EAT: 21h00

    Abhi had an accident which turned his life around, causing him and Pragya to be set apart. Pragya is forced to continue living without Abhi but destiny has a different plan for them. Tests and tribulations keep getting in the way of their joy but the two stand firm in pursuing their happiness together. Pragya remains persistent in trying to help Abhi regain his memory. Pragya’s attempts to help Abhi regain his memory finally show results but Aliya and Tanu will not let their love finally be rekindled. Will the lovebirds finally get a chance to experience their ‘happily ever after?’

  • Gangaa
    CAT: 21h00 | WAT: 20h00 | EAT: 22h00

    CAT: 21h00 | WAT: 20h00 | EAT: 22h00

    Gangaa is the story of a little girl who only loves two things in life, her father and her self-respect. She gets married off at a tender age, unfortunately a tragic event leads to her losing her father and husband on the same day.

  • The Promise
    CAT: 22h00 | WAT: 21h00 | EAT: 23h00

    The Promise
    CAT: 22h00 | WAT: 21h00 | EAT: 23h00

    The sensational story of three sisters living in Mount Abu with their widower father. Life takes a twist when their father dies. The sisters are then forced to move to Mumbai to seek refuge from a wealthy business tycoon, Jai Walia. With the pressure to adjust to a new life, the three sisters promise to support each other through thick and thin. Living in the Walia mansion they slowly lose sight of their sisterly bond and get caught in a web of deceit. Follow the intrigue, excitement and scandal that unfolds as the three siblings fight to stay together. Will they be able to keep the promise they made to each other?